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Steel building design benefits for commercial construction
July 20, 2022 at 3:30 AM
Image of the sun coming through a steel building design in the Pacific Northwest.

Building a new facility is more stressful and complicated than ever. During COVID, the cost of building materials skyrocketed and still hasn’t fully recovered. There’s also the pressure for new constructions to be environmentally sustainable. And regardless of your industry, you want to avoid costly repairs and renovations for as many years as possible. There’s no shortage of engineered building materials that enable contractors to avoid using lumber in a lot of a building’s design. When selecting materials for your industrial, agricultural, or commercial building, consider the benefits of using a steel building design.

Durable and weather-resistant

You can’t get around the damp weather in the Pacific Northwest. It can be a real challenge in the construction industry and limit the lifespan of any building. Steel buildings resist many of the impacts of a wet climate, including rot and mold. Metal is incredibly durable against many concerns, from earthquakes to termites.

Depending on your industry, steel’s resistance to fire can be its defining asset, better protecting your inventory and equipment against the rising threat of wildfire. It also offers the best protection against damage from termites. Metal buildings provide long-lasting durability for commercial buildings constructed to last.

Affordable and environmentally sustainable

Steel building designs became popular after World War II, with a recent resurgence because of the affordability compared to lumber. It’s well-known that building with steel avoids contributing to deforestation. Plus, the steel from buildings can also be recycled, preventing future demolition from adding to landfill waste after your company has moved on from the facility.

Your steel building design can also earn you LEED points, the international system for evaluating the environmental sustainability of a building. LEED-certified buildings bring many benefits to organizations, including improved employee retention, lowered utility costs, and access to potential tax incentives.

Fast construction for short project timelines

Steel is so lightweight and flexible that it’s easier to install than many other building materials. The nimble aspect of building with metal enables a much shorter timeline for design and construction. When organizations expand quickly and don’t have an 18 to 24-month window to wait for a new facility, choosing a steel building design can save you months on your move-in date.

Design versatility with easy expansion

For large-scale facilities, add-on expansion and renovation can sometimes prove impossible. Metal has much greater versatility in both the original design and later additions. A metal building is much easier to adapt to changing needs for companies that experience unpredictable growth or are regularly pivoting to meet new market demands.

You can also get much more daring with the design without the same impact on construction cost. Steel empowers bold architectural choices for commercial buildings and is a great way to stand out from the competition and on the street.

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