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How Industrial Contractors Differ from General Contractors
November 9, 2022 at 4:00 PM
general versus industrial contractors

Whether you need a new roof or an entire factory built, chances are you'll need to hire a contractor. These are the people who have the skills and experience necessary to get the job done right.

But not all contractors are created equal. Some are better suited to certain projects than others.

There are two popular types of contractors - general and industrial. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between these two types of contractors so you can decide which is best for your next project.

The Type of Projects They Handle

General contractors typically work on smaller-scale projects, such as remodeling or building a new home from scratch. They may also work on commercial projects such as office buildings or retail stores.

Industrial contractors, as the name suggests, specialize in industrial projects. These can be anything from manufacturing and power plants to refineries and chemical plants.

The Size of Their Teams

General contractors usually have a large team of workers who they can call upon to complete a project. Meanwhile, industrial contractors might only have a handful of employees, enabling them to be more nimble and responsive to the needs of their clients.

While the industrial contractor you hire should have a large enough team to handle your project, they ought to be small enough to give you the personalized service you require.

The Services They Offer

If you are looking for a contractor to handle the day-to-day construction activities of your project, a general contractor is likely a good fit for you. These contractors typically offer a wide range of services, from site preparation to project management.

On the other hand, industrial contractors usually specialize in a particular type of construction. As such, they can offer their clients a more comprehensive and tailored service. They can provide you with a complete turnkey solution that includes everything from design and engineering to construction and commissioning.

The Tools and Equipment They Use

General contractors usually use standard tools and equipment such as ladders, saws, and drills. They may also use specialized tools depending on the nature of the project.

Industrial contractors, however, typically use much more specialized tools and equipment because industrial projects often involve working with heavy machinery, toxic materials, and high voltages. For example, industrial contractors may use cranes, welding machines, and industrial vacuums.

The Amount of Money They Spend

With general contractors' projects being smaller in scope, they usually have a smaller budget. So, when working with industrial contractors, you can often get a better price because they often have pre-existing relationships with suppliers and can negotiate better rates.

On the other hand, industrial contractors often have much larger budgets because industrial projects can be costly and are much more complex, requiring more materials and resources.

The Experience and Expertise Level They Have

Industrial contractors typically have much more experience and expertise than general contractors because industrial projects are often very complex and dangerous. They must have a high level of training and experience to work safely on these projects.

While they may not have the same level of experience and expertise, general contractors can usually complete most projects without any issues. They may not be able to handle the most complex projects, but they can generally complete most remodeling or construction projects without any problems.

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