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Top 5 Common Commercial Contracting Services
October 17, 2023 at 4:00 AM
This photo was shoot during a visit to the reconstruction of the Othon building in the center of São Paulo, where now it is going to be the Finance Secretary. It is a historic patrimony declared by the government, in which some special people stayed in, such as the british princess, a korean embassador and many other relevant people in the past years.

It’s no secret that a commercial building’s construction process is vastly different from residential construction. In addition, commercial and industrial construction project requirements vary depending on the building type and the facility's purpose.

Commercial building projects can fall into several different categories. Each has its unique requirements, which is why it’s essential to identify where your project belongs so you can find a commercial construction company that specializes in the work you need.

This article will explain the top standard commercial contracting services.

Medical facilities construction

When we think of medical facilities, we often think about a traditional “doctor’s office.” The truth is that a medical care facility is more like a factory than an office building because all areas must be clean, and the electrical supply must be consistent. In addition, oxygen supply lines must be routed to all rooms, and air must be constantly filtered to remove contaminants.

Medical facilities also need plenty of safe storage areas to house expensive equipment. These buildings also house high-risk care areas that need protection from fire and other potential issues and disasters. On top of all this, medical facilities must be easy to navigate for quick responses to emergencies.

Restaurants and food service construction

Restaurants are typically divided into front-of-house (FOH) areas for their customers and back-of-house (BOH) for private work areas. But with construction, projects need to be broken down into smaller sections.

Front of house

The front of a restaurant is responsible for serving customers. This means there’s typically a dining area, a waiting area, a host station, and bathrooms. In addition, if your restaurant serves a bar, you’ll need alcohol.

Back of house

There is usually a kitchen, dishwasher, food storage, trash collection, and offices in the back of a restaurant. In this part of the restaurant, everything must be set up to comply with food safety laws along with fire safety and building codes. The number of regulations you must abide by can be extreme and often include minute details like the color of the walls and where you can store your food.

Office building construction

While an office can be many things, from a factory to a skyscraper, it’s important to note from the beginning what you will need. Do you need a space to interact with clients or just a place for employees to work? Knowing the purpose of the building will allow you to narrow down requirements for water metering, fire exits, and more.

Since offices tend to incorporate information technology and management, you must plan for rooms that can protect servers and computer equipment. In addition, networking lines will need to run from space to space to deliver reliable, high-speed communication.

Hotels and other lodging

Similar to a housing project, a hotel is an enormous construction project. That’s because hotels need a plant to keep showers and faucets supplied with hot water, televisions and internet connections need a robust IT system, and security needs to be planned out.

You’ll also have to account for dining areas, fitness centers and pools, and convention areas that all need to be planned for comfort, usability, and long-term durability.

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