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Why experience matters for building a new medical building
December 20, 2022 at 1:00 AM
Image of a new medical building built in the Northwest by a skilled contractor.

When it comes to constructing a new medical building, experienced contractors are key. Building something as important and specialized as a medical center takes skill, knowledge, and attention to detail—all of which can only come from an experienced contractor.

Hiring someone with experience in the field is a sound investment of your money. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind that professionals who won’t let you down are handling your project. Here’s why you should hire a contractor with experience for your new medical building.

Medical buildings are a specialized niche for contractors

Contracting for medical buildings is a highly specialized job due to the specific requirements of the client. The contractor must have the skills and experience necessary to safely and accurately complete work.

Medical buildings require unique construction techniques, dealing with unusual configurations and hazardous materials, making them a sizable challenge even for experienced contractors.

For these reasons and more, finding a contractor for this type of project requires more extensive research than any other type of building, such as commercial or residential projects. It’s crucial to ensure a contractor’s skillset matches the demands of the job.

Contractors with experience in medical buildings will have a better understanding of your needs

When you need construction services for a new medical building, it is crucial to ensure that you partner with contractors with the necessary experience. Without familiarity with the work required to build medical establishments, there’s a greater risk of costly mistakes and delays during the project.

Contractors with previous work constructing medical facilities will bring foresight into what will be needed to complete the job. Your new medical building, such as a hospital, clinic, or nursing home, will provide reliable medical care in a building designed and constructed to last.

They will also be up-to-date on the latest safety and security features for medical buildings

Experienced contractors understand the importance of making medical buildings safe, secure, and compliant with current safety regulations. They ensure that structures are built to last and use their knowledge and skills to equip facilities with cutting-edge safety and security features.

From fire sprinklers and alarms to CCTV cameras and intrusion detection systems, contractors are on top of the latest advancements in security. Medical staff can trust that their patients are in the safest possible environment.

With a combination of construction expertise and an awareness of modern safety technologies, the right contractor will ensure your new medical buildings remains at the forefront of safety standards.

NIH Clinical Center

Your project will be completed on time and within budget

Experienced contractors understand how to effectively manage and deliver complex projects such as new medical buildings on time and within budget. They know that documenting every step of the construction process, as well as making sure everyone is performing their duties correctly, are vital components to success.

They’ll be strategic with their resources, avoiding additional costs by efficiently planning while ensuring that high-quality work is maintained. Furthermore, they prioritize tasks based on a timeline, confidently handling unexpected circumstances that could arise throughout the project.

Count on the experience and reputation of Christiansen Contracting for your new medical building.

Our founder and owner has worked across the Pacific Northwest for the past three decades, building residential, commercial, and medical buildings. As design-build contractors, we partner with our clients to make their dreams a reality. Because we don’t use subcontractors and do everything in-house, we stand proudly behind the quality of everything we do.

When you need a new medical facility for your campus, we bring expertise and professionalism to every project, providing designs, guidance, insight, and partnership. Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation with our team for your new medical building.

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